Research Projects

Research Project Topics My Role Years Active
Intelligent Manufacturing Systems (Johnson and Johnson- Industry Funded Project) Data Analytics for Industry 4.0 Funded Investigator 2019-2021
Insight Centre 2 Networked Data and Real-time Data Analytics Team Leader/Budget Holder 2019-2025
Confirm Centre for Smart Manufacturing Semantic Interoperability Funded Collaborator 2017-2023
Enable Spoke for IoT IoT Data Analytics Funded Collaborator 2017-2021
Vista Milk Centre Data Abstraction Funded Collaborator 2019-2023
Zimmer Biomet Targeted Project Predictive Analytics Principal Investigator 2018-2019
EI Startup Feasibility Grant IoT Resource Discovery Principal Investigator 2018
CityPulse –FP7 Project IoT Data Analytics Work Package Leader 2013-2016
Insight Centre- Semantic Web Strand 2 Rules and Query Optimisation Team Leader/Budget Holder 2013-2019
Insight Cisco Targeted Project Internet of Everything Project Lead 2012-2018